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With 78 Million dogs and 1 in every 4 households having at least one dog, the K9000® Self-Serve (DIY) Dog Wash responds to a growing trend in the U.S., Canada, and globally – there are more and more dog owners who have less space at home to wash their dogs. They need inexpensive, easy-to-use self-serve dog wash stations that do a brilliant job at cleaning their precious canines. 

Given this need, Do It Yourself dog washes are increasingly popular – and people are becoming more discerning in their choice of which dog wash they use, as some are much more pet- and user-friendly than others.

Dogs of all shapes and sizes love the K9000® Dog Wash. With more than 1,200 K9000®’s in service today, the K9000® Dogwash is the worldwide leader. In 2016 alone, more than 2 Million dogs were washed in a K9000®. The K9000® is designed and built by Tru Blu in Australia, with dogs in mind, and that’s why they all have a great experience when they get washed by a K9000®. And, now you and your best friend can enjoy a K9000® Dog Wash throughout North America.

Wholesale inquiries are invited as the K9000® expands its presence in the US and Canada. Multi-location franchises, pet product brands, property developers, and distributors seeking new and more loyal customers, and promotional solutions with great media and public relations opportunities with pet-conscious people, organizations and businesses, consider adding the K9000® to your location, a recreational area, or residential community.

View the testimonial videos and learn more about the Tru Blu K9000® DIY (Do It Yourself) Dog Wash Machine through the links in the menu on top of this page.  And CONTACT US for volume pricing and available locations and territories throughout North America.

If you have a high traffic location or a business like any of the following, and want more customers, loyalty, referrals, repeat business, and additional revenue, you can increase Traffic and Profit with the K9000® Self Serve Dog Wash Machine:

  • Shopping malls
  • Apartment buildings, rental communities, and condominium complexes
  • Car wash
  • Pet store
  • Dog Parks and pet-friendly recreational areas
  • Beach access – co-locate with showers and bathrooms
  • Campgrounds and RV parks
  • Real estate developments
  • Quick-lube oil change
  • Convenience store and gas/auto service station
  • Veterinary clinics and animal hospitals

Want more information about purchase, lease, or starting your own K9000 distributorship with a licensed territory? Contact Us today.



Woof Wash DIY – Independent Dog Wash Business

We caught up with Woof Wash DIY Business Operator, Rhea Liebmann, at the Sydney Pet Expo (2014). Rhea started her business Woof Wash DIY in Marrickville, inner Sydney at the beginning of this year. She is experiencing great success with her dog wash and is planning to expand her business. Rhea has a K9000 Dog Wash with her own Woof Wash DIY custom graphics.

“Woof Wash DIY is a Coin-operated DIY dog wash – the solution to all your dog wash problems!'” – Rhea.

K9000 Independent Dog Wash business with custom graphics