About K9000®

Tru Blu Dog Wash is the home of the world famous K9000® DIY Dog Wash. The K9000® is created with superior materials, clever construction techniques and the best componentry available, combining to create an incredibly hard working Dog Wash, designed to make you money. Put simply the K9000® Dog Wash advantage is its durability over time. If it’s not from Tru Blu, it’s not a K9000®!

The K9000® DIY Dog Wash


The secret to the K-9000®’s success is its ease of installation in a huge range of sites, its long term fail-safe operation thanks to exceptional engineering and proven reliable components, and its user-friendly design.

Create Very Happy Pooch Owners


What customers are saying about washing their dogs with the K9000:

  • “Easy to use”
  • “No mess to clean up”
  • “Everything is here. The shampoo, Flea and Tick Rinse and hair dryer”
  • “You can wash two dogs at once” 

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K9000® features include:

  • Fully self-contained, ‘do it yourself’ operated dog wash.
  • Customers can pay with cash, credit card, smartphone, tokens
  • Engineered using quality kitchen finish stainless steel.
  • Optional customized graphics, enclosures for your site & business
  • Uniquely designed driers – two types to suit hot and cold climates.
  • Auditing feature to track usage.
  • Technologically advanced product dispensing.
  • Low water consumption.
  • 2nd generation drainage system to ensure hair-free and water-free floor.
  • A disinfectant function to clean the machine after each use.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Full support and servicing.
  • 12-month warranty.
  • Designed for high volume and long lifespan.

Today, the K9000® is by far and away the most requested dog wash on the market, and every year more dogs are washed with the K9000® than any other DIY dog wash. This past year, more than 2 Million dog washes on more than 1,200 K9000® self-serve dog wash machines made happy clean dogs and happy dog owners who didn’t have to mess up their homes or bathrooms.

For only $10 and 10 minutes, and some quality bonding time between best friends while the car was being washed, the oil was being changed, before shopping in the store for pets, or after a trip to the beach or vet, the K9000® is available 24/7/365 at a location near you.


If you can’t find one in your town, perhaps you  know a business that should have one, or you want to buy, lease, or sell the K9000® yourself. Just CONTACT US and we’ll be happy to help you or someone who loves your dog as much as you.

The K9000® is available today. So, CONTACT US and Increase Traffic, Increase Profit at these locations with the K9000® Self Serve Dog Wash Machine:

  • Shopping malls
  • Apartment buildings and condominium complexes
  • Car wash
  • Pet store
  • Dog Park
  • Beach access / exit points
  • Residential community clubhouse or recreational area
  • Quick-lube oil change
  • Convenience store and gas/auto service station
  • RV Parks and Campgrounds
  • Veterinary clinics and animal hospitals


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