Woof Wash DIY – Independent Dog Wash Business

We caught up with Woof Wash DIY Business Operator, Rhea Liebmann, at the Sydney Pet Expo (2014). Rhea started her business Woof Wash DIY in Marrickville, inner Sydney at the beginning of this year. She is experiencing great success with her dog wash and is planning to expand her business. Rhea has a K9000 Dog Wash with her own Woof Wash DIY custom graphics.

“Woof Wash DIY is a Coin-operated DIY dog wash – the solution to all your dog wash problems!'” – Rhea.


K9000 Independent Dog Wash business with custom graphics

The Vet and Animal Hospital

Owner of Beleura Veterinary Hospital, Penny Broadbent, testifies that installing two K9000 Dog washes at her Veterinary Hospital has increased the amount of customers to her business. The K9000 Dog Washes are in use every day and has meant extra income and extra clients.

Beleura Veterinary Hospital- K9000 Testimonial from K9000 Dog Wash

The Vet and Animal Hospital

Pet Barn & Pet Supplies Australia

Pet Destination & The Pet Barn Owner-Operator Brendan Westaway tells us why having a K9000 Dog Wash in store, , customized with store graphics, is good for business…

Pet Barn K9000 Customized

Pet Barn & Pet Supplies Australia

The Service Station

Joanne, owner and operator of Gympie West Store and Service Station explains how installing a dog wash onsite has added value to her & her husband’s business. Joanne and Shane own a convenience store in the middle of town, that serves petrol and has a 24-hour coin operated dog wash.They were the first business in Gympie, Queensland to install a dog wash. For many of their customers, the coin operated dog wash was a completely new concept, so in the beginning, Joanne & Shane needed to show customers how to use it. However, once customers caught on, word of mouth spread about the dog wash and the wash has become very popular.

The Service Station

The Pet Store

Chris Bleg, store manager of Oliver’s Pets n’ Plants tells us why having a K9000 Dog Wash in store is great for business.

Oliver’s Pets n’ Plants have had a K9000 Dog Wash for over 5 years. After the first 2 years, they put in a 2nd dog wash and are now looking at putting in a 3rd.
The dog wash unit is set-up outside their store so that the Dog Wash is available to customers 24/7 -which customers like. An added bonus of the dog wash is that it generates new customers because they come to wash their dogs, then end up doing their shopping while they’re there.

Pet Stores love the K9000 Self Serve Dog Wash

The Car and Dog Wash

Testimonial-Easy Car wash from K9000 Dog Wash

Tony Larkin operates Easy Wash in Newcastle, NSW, Australia. Easy Wash is a car and dog wash. Tony uses a K9000 Dog wash and is extremely happy with the machine. Not only does it attract regular customers and income, it creates happy customers and a happy atmosphere. Tony likes that the machine is secure and robust. As Tony will tell you, “not even a heavy hammer can break into it.”


The Car and Dog Wash Business